Star Interview: TV clairvoyant Derek Acorah

TV Psychic Derek Acorah.
TV Psychic Derek Acorah.

While most people spend their lives trying very hard not to talk or think about death, Derek Acorah is quite the opposite.

As a clairvoyant and clairaudient medium, he has made a huge number of TV and radio appearances across the world, notably on the programme Most Haunted, presented by former Blue Peter presenter, Yvette Fielding.

While some avidly and unquestioningly accept Derek’s ability to make contact with the dead, others treat his career with a scepticism... something about which he is well aware.

But does it frustrate him?

He said: “It used to, years ago, it doesn’t any longer, because cynics or people who are critical of our work, people that are downright sceptically-minded, don’t bother me. I like to see them coming along to the evenings and getting the proof because most of the people who have come over the years, who have been that way, have been very honest at the end of the show. I do signings and they will be in the queue and they will come up and say ‘I came here under duress from my wife or my girlfriend, I didn’t really want to come here as I didn’t really believe, but you have proved it to me, Derek, and I’m blown away, I will have to start thinking differently because of what I have just experienced’. It is lovely to hear that from the sceptics. However, the sceptics and the cynics who don’t come to the evenings, they can only assume or make an opinion from a distance, not actually witnessing or experiencing it, that is what people have to do before they can make judgements.”

Now one of the most famous faces from the world of mediumship, Derek is planning to take his Eternal Spirits tour to Kettering’s Lighthouse Theatre on Friday, October 4 at 7.30pm.

In the show he endeavours to deliver messages from the “spirit world” to people in the audience, with the help of his spirit guide, Sam.

He explained: “In the first section I come out and tell everyone what we are going to do and tell them it won’t be anything like what they’ve seen from the television lounge, the paranormal programmes I have done, and this is a pure connection with the world of spirits, a connection with loved ones who have passed on to the higher side of life, to the world of spirits, who come into this atmosphere for that short space of time and will pass on loving messages to people.

“I see spirit people and I hear them; they show themselves to me on the stage and I see them very clearly and not every single person is able to get a connection going with me, but the vast majority are.”

A former professional football player for Liverpool, some years ago Derek had to retire from this career due to a knee injury. But he soon felt he needed to follow his grandmother’s wishes and become a medium, just as she was.

He still recalls the first time he believed he had made contact with a spirit.

“When I was six and a half, in my grandmother’s house, I actually saw a spirit man, I saw him very clearly, I saw what he was wearing. This man seemed to be a giant, hovering over me. To cut a long story short, I told mum and my grandmother, whose house we were in, about the man. My grandmother was a medium, you see, and it goes way back in my family. It worked out that the man was my grandfather, who passed away. He was a seafarer who passed away two and a half years before I was born and I knew nothing about him. I saw him in a three-piece suit, with a dark grey waistcoat and there were photos of him that were brought out and there he was. I picked the photo up and said, ‘that is the man, who is he?’ It was then that Gran knew I had the gifts that had been passed down, just like her and people before her, but she did say to me that she felt I had broken the mould, they were the words she used, ‘you have broken the mould, son.’ I said ‘what do you mean grandma?’ She said ‘you are the first male in the history of the family, to have the gift. It has always been the women in the family’.”

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