Star Interview: 10cc frontman doesn’t like his latest tour...he loves it!

Graham Gouldman, 10cc
Graham Gouldman, 10cc
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Still going strong after more than 40 years in music, hit UK band, 10cc are heading to Royal & Derngate in Northampton later this year.

The band’s latest line-up will be visiting the town on October 9 in their first UK tour in almost three years.

“You can never know how successful you will be or how long you will go on for,” said Graham Gouldman, “but I never thought I would still be talking about playing with the band nearly 50 years later.”

The group’s original line-up – including Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme – first got together in the late 1960s when they performed with house bands at a club in their native Manchester.

They assumed the name 10cc in 1972 and shot to global success, creating hits including Donna and I’m Not in Love, for both the commercial and experimental scenes.

Graham said: “I have been in love with music since I was seven years old and would listen to the radio all the time.

“I loved playing the drums but I was hopeless at it. Then, when I was 11, my cousin brought me a guitar from Spain and I started playing, just as skiffle music was getting big in the UK.”

“I started joining bands with school friends, for the fun of it, and then formed bands at the club.”

Now a guitarist, bassist, singer and songwriter, Graham’s early success led him to join Stewart in developing Strawberry Studios in Manchester, named after the hit song Strawberry Fields Forever, by their musical heroes, The Beatles.

“At the beginning we were still relatively small and played for anyone who recorded with us.”

Years later, he says that one of the highlights of his career was recording at Strawberry with Paul McCartney himself.

His only regret, he said was the original band’s split in 1976 when Godley and Creme left due to creative differences and started their own partnership.

“Unfortunately they were issues we could never resolve and I always wonder what we could have done if we had stayed together,” he said.

Gouldman and Stewart then split in 1996, but he is still a full-time musician, involved in his own song-writing projects.

He said: “It gives me the opportunity to do smaller, more intimate gigs and talk about the music a bit as well as I go along.”

The 68-year-old now lives in north London with his third wife and her children, and enjoys spending time with his own grown-up children, Louis, Sarah, Alex and Rosana.

The forthcoming tour, will start on October 4 in Aberdeen and finish on November 7 in Margate.

And Graham said fans could expect all the biggest hits, plus a few surprises.

“My attitude towards music is still more or less the same as when I started, but I am more relaxed about things now.

“I take a more philosophical view of it as a whole and am less worried about things going wrong.

“I am also really delighted about how we still have young fans , even coming from a generation that weren’t born when we started making music.”

But Graham said music wasn’t his only ambition: “If I hadn’t done this I would have wanted to be a surgeon or a train driver.

“I also really love cooking. It’s something I do to relax and I enjoy the nurturing side of it, providing your family with good nutrition is a way of caring for them.”

He is also looking forward to taking the band’s tour overseas next year, including to venues in Scandinavia, Holland and Iceland.

“Travelling is always the most tiring part of the job,” he said, “but I am very lucky to have had a job that has taken me to so many places, and I hope there are more surprises to come.”

To book tickets for the performance on October 9, at Royal & Derngate in Northampton, contact 01604 624811.