Sitcom star lends her voice to historic character in a comedy

Lesley Joseph
Lesley Joseph

Birds of a Feather actress Lesley Joseph is the voice of Lady Elizabeth Bernard in a Northampton show.

The Masque Theatre’s production of Shaxpeare’s Box is a new comedy.

The comedy star is Shakespeare’s granddaughter, heir and last descendant, who lived and died in Northampton at Abington Manor.

A mysterious 17th century box is discovered in the museum loft after a violent storm, it quickly attracts the attention of opposing factions in the town.

As each side plots to outwit the other, Lady Elizabeth’s ghost intervenes, to protect the box and its contents.

Shaxpeare’s Box is written and directed by Northampton-based, award-winning playwright Brian Wright, with music composed and performed by Richard and Elizabeth York.

It runs until Saturday, January 16, and will be staged at St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Northampton.

For tickets to see Shaxpeare’s Box call 07586 288793 or visit St Giles Music, 16 St Giles Terrace.

Alternatively, tickets can be booked by visiting the theatre company’s website at