Scottish comic comes to stage

Fred MacAulay. Picture by Andrew Ogilvy Photography.
Fred MacAulay. Picture by Andrew Ogilvy Photography.

You would think that the comedian Fred MacAulay would be fed up of talking.

He is currently in the middle of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and prior to his chat with us, the interview overran. Even our talk is interrupted as he has to do a live slot on the radio.

However the comedian is a delight to talk to as he speaks about his new show Twenty Fifteen, the tour for which begins at the Core at Corby Cube on Tuesday September 15.

Fred said: “It is the first time I have been on the road for three years and there have been a number of things that have happened both in my life and in the world of politics that I thought now was the right time to go back.

“I am preparing for the tour by going and lying on the beach somewhere with my wife and relaxing.

“I will be going to Corby where there is a huge ex-pat community from Scotland and hopefully get a warm welcome. It is where I went with the last tour so am looking forward to a return.”

The comedian made regular appearances on television shows including Have I Got News For You They Think It’s All Over throughout the 90s and even hosted his own chat show McCoist and MacAulay with former Rangers footballer Ally McCoist.

However in recent years he has been a more familiar voice on Radio Four.

Fred said: “If I had to choose an order of mediums, it would be the stage first, radio second and third is television.

“It is the immediacy of the reaction from the audience. Some of the material I am using at the Edinburgh Fringe is being shaped for when we go out on the tour.”

However there is one time that being on television was one of the funniest experiences.

Fred added: “I read a review of McCoist and MacAulay where it said that they could see our eyes flicking across reading the autocue.

“The thing is there was never a script for that show so I don’t know what they thought we were reading.

“It would be nice to work with him again but it depends on his next career move.”

The tour runs until the end of November and he has plans to perform at festivals in Australia.

Fred said: “It is something I like doing, there are a couple of big comedy festivals that I will be doing.

“After that I will be coming back to perform the second half in Twenty Fifteen probably in 2016 which means I might have to think of a new name for it.”

It starts at 8pm and tickets cost £15.

To book call 01536 470 470 or visit