Rite of Spring combined with theatre

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Concert Theatre takes The Rite of Spring / Romeo and Juliet to The Castle stage in Wellingborough next week.

The latest work by the company, which combines classical music and theatre in live performance, brings together pianists from the Royal Academy of Music with Lecoq-trained performers and Trestle Theatre.

The Rite of Spring / Romeo and Juliet is “a visceral marriage of two tales of slaughtered innocence”.

The violent dissonance in Stravinsky’s depiction of a young virgin, chosen for the dance of death, mirrors the hatred between Shakespeare’s Montagues and Capulets, whose children are fated to die in the ancient feud of their families.

The Rite of Spring/Romeo and Juliet is on Wednesday, June 18.

Tickets cost £13 and are available by calling 01933 270 007 or online at www.thecastle.org.uk