Project X

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Be young, be foolish and be deliriously happy.

That’s the mantra of Project X, a raucous comedy about a high school student’s birthday party which descends into chaos when hundreds of kids turn up uninvited and run amok in the teenager’s leafy North Pasadena neighbourhood.

Costa (Oliver Cooper) and JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) decide to throw a party for their friend Thomas (Thomas Mann), whose parents are leaving town to celebrate their anniversary.

The boy’s father reassures his wife that nothing bad will happen: “This is Thomas we’re talking about. He’s not exactly Mr Popular. He’s a loser.”

With the folks out of the way, the boys score drugs from dealer T-Rick (Rick Shapiro), buy copious food and drink and prepare for the first arrivals.

With pals Everett (Brady Hender) and Tyler (Nick Nervies) manning the door, Thomas tries to relax, enjoying a flirtation with the prettiest girl at school, Alexis (Alexis Knapp), and wrestling with his feelings for childhood sweetheart Kirby (Kirby Bliss Banton).

Meanwhile, goth misfit Dax (Dax Flame) documents every mishap on his handheld video camera.

Project X is showing at the Odeon Kettering today at 1.45pm, 4.15pm, 7pm and 9.15pm.