Threads back with new EP and UK tour dates

Threads playing at the Northampton Music Festival.
Threads playing at the Northampton Music Festival.

Northampton art-punks, Threads, release their new EP The Emperor’s New Misery in November, following a short UK tour.

Having been holed up in their Northampton studio, Threads have emerged with a much rawer, guitar-driven sound that, while sounding more upbeat, still brings forth the band’s trademark dark and introspective lyrical content.

Bassist Alex Berry said: “We’ve been quiet for the last few months, working away, honing our sound.

“This record is a lot more refined than the last, a lot more guitar driven.

“We’ve lost the Hammond organ, and while the new material may sound upbeat in melodic value, the lyrical subject matter is still just as bleak and dystopic as before.”

Threads’ UK tour brings them back to Northampton on Tuesday, September 24 with Robbie Sea. Visit