Therapy? back at Roadmender

WOW 247
WOW 247

Therapy? return to The Roadmender on Monday, touring in support of their new album, Disquiet.

Last year, the band celebrated the 20th anniversary of their lauded classic, Troublegum, playing the album in full across the UK.

A sequel of sorts to the multi-million selling 1994 classic, Disquiet, is a confrontational, challenging and venomous record, which brings back a more melodic edge to Therapy?’s sound.

Speaking about the new album, frontman Andy Cairns said: “We wanted to write something more anthemic again.

“Some of the songs on our most recent albums have been long winded and maybe taken seven minutes to say something which Knives did in one minute 50.

“We went back to the ways in which Troublegum was written and that was at the back of my mind on Disquiet.

“When we started writing material, I needed an ‘In’ for the lyrics, some kind of focus.

“I thought ‘Where would the guy in Knives be thinking 20 years later’

Still Hurts is an answer to Knives. If Knives is impotent rage, Still Hurts is someone still questioning, but not with a blind sense of malcontent.

“We haven’t written Troublegum 2, but it was an entry into how we were going to write this time.”

Cairns, who is joined in Therapy?, by bassist Michael McKeegan and drummer Neil Cooper admitted on their couple of albums the band “had a tendency to meander”, and intentionally wrote something more direct.

The record was produced by Tom Dalgety, who produced Royal Blood’s debut.

Cairns said: “He brought a lot of the textures and made Disquiet sound big without being overproduced.

“Some of our records in the past have been confused and overproduced.

“There’s a truthfulness to this record which isn’t too glossy. It sounds vibrant.”

Therapy? headline on Monday, April 20. Doors open at 7.30pm, tickets cost £15 before fees.