The beat goes on as Paul pens a new book

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A prolific author and musician has switched from axeman to sticksman with his latest book, which has caught the eye of one of the world’s best-known rock drummers.

Corby author Paul Balmer has written the Haynes Drum-Kit Manual, the seventh in his series of books in the style of the renowned car manuals.

And the book, which is his first manual not about guitars, has been given the seal of approval by Chad Smith, the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who has written its foreword.

The book offers a step-by-step guide to assembling a drum kit and setting it up to produce the best possible sound.

It also looks at the kit set-up of Steve Gadd, a renowned session musician who has toured with the likes of Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and Barbra Streisand.

Mr Balmer, 60, of Osbourne Close, will be signing copies of the book from 10am to midday next Saturday, February 11, at Waterstones, in High Street, Kettering.

Mr Balmer said: “It’s my first drum-kit manual and I hope it will be useful for people.

“I use the Haynes format of step-by-step instructions, but in full colour with illustrations. I have tried to make it as easy and as clear as possible. Drums are just like guitars in the sense that if they are not set up properly, they will not sound right and will be hard to play. Set-up is everything, as with all instruments.”

Mr Balmer nearly gave up the guitar when he struggled to set it up and is warning people against doing the same.

He said: “Increasingly, we are losing music shops and people are buying instruments on the internet which come in cardboard boxes and need lots of work. Beginners don’t know what is wrong so they give up.”