New recording studios strike a chord

Bianca Rodrigues performs at the open day to launch Nepenthe Studios in King's Cliffe
Bianca Rodrigues performs at the open day to launch Nepenthe Studios in King's Cliffe

Nepenthe Studios received a ‘thumbs up’ from all the artists playing during the open day on June 23, in the King’s Cliffe studio.

Having only just been opened to the public for the first time on Saturday, the new Rehearsal Room facility was effectively christened by Jules Morgan, Bianca Rodrigues and Rob Wells, and Pennyless, and everyone agreed that the atmosphere, environment and acoustics were superb.

During the open day, there was surprise and some amusement when one of the foam acoustic panels slipped from the wall but there was no damage done as the panel was a small and lightweight piece, and it was put on one side to be re-fixed securely after the event.

These panels had only been delivered to the studio the previous day and were attached on the wall and roof to help with the room’s acoustics, but gravity overcame the fixings of that one foam panel.

The spacious new room features a built-in stage and additional drum stage, and has lighting and PA included which enables bands to practice in a realistic gig set-up, but the room is air-conditioned for added comfort.

The Rehearsal Room also provides for bands to create their own live music video recording and still images for their promotion, having a more controlled environment while retaining the feel of a live gig.

Bianca appreciated the well-appointed dressing room provided for artists, and for models when attending photoshoots, commenting that it’s a luxury not commonly found.

It was felt by all present that the new facilities positively enhance the services provided by Nepenthe Studios.

10-year old William Palmer, from Peterborough, visiting the studio with his family, enjoyed trying out some of the instruments available including keyboards and drums in the recording room, and gave some tips on drum technique to his father, Andy Palmer.

Spike and Barbara, on behalf of Nepenthe Studios, thank all of the musicians who performed on the day, providing a fantastic musical event and demonstrating the Rehearsal Room to perfection.

The Photographic Studio will be set up for demonstrations at the next Nepenthe Studios Open Day which will be held on 12 July from 4pm til 9pm, specifically aimed at both amateur and professional photographers and models. Details can be found on our website