Men in demand for big musical

Kettering's Starlight Dance
Kettering's Starlight Dance

A DANCE group is looking for male dancers to take part in its first ever venture into performing musicals.

Starlight Dance, which already has almost 50 male performers out of about 300 pupils, is looking for more boys to take a starring role in its first ever musical.

Principal Jacc Batch said: “We’ve got about 45 boys at the school, which is fantastic, and the amount of males we’ve got shows that it isn’t just for women.

“Back when I was a child, I went to loads of dance schools and there rarely was another male performing at the schools.

“It’s brilliant we have so many boy performers but looking ahead to our musical, we’re hoping to attract more males to the studio, especially for the over-16 parts.”

Starlight Dance, which is based in High Street, Kettering, started in 2009. After growing in size, the group is now planning for its first foray into musicals.

Their first will be staged at the Lighthouse Theatre next year and will a stage version of the film musical Fame.

The production is expected to cost thousands.

Mr Batch added: “It’s another step forward for us.

“The Lighthouse is very excited about the show and I think it will appeal to the teenage demographic and bring them in.

“But we’re looking for more boys to take part in it.

“It will give them a chance to perform in a mainstream musical and take part in something they can really be proud of.”

Anyone interested in joining the dance school can call 01536 601545 or visit the website