Kev Minney to release debut album this week

Kev Minney
Kev Minney

Northampton born acoustic singer songwriter Kev Minney releases his debut album on Friday.

The astronomically inspired LP, entitled Stories Of The Sky, features the single Like I Always which was released at the end of August.

Minney began his music career at the age of 30, battling with a stutter he had to overcome severe stage fright to get performing.

Luckily Kev, who now is based in Brighton, is a workhorse and spent the first two years practicing six hours a day before going to work as a guitar teacher in the evenings.

Stories Of The Sky was produced by the Mercury nominated Jag Jago.

Minney took inspiration for the record from Nasa's New Horizons which was broadcasting photographs of Pluto in 2015.

He said: “"I was in awe at how science could take us as far as 322 light minutes to the most distant planet in our solar system.

“At that point it felt like that's how far I was travelling to achieve my artistic ambitions.”

Like I Always documents the anxiety that affects a person trying to beyond their horizons with Minney exploring this state of mind and the challenges it poses.

The accompanying video, filmed by Kenny McCracken, vividly illustrates the song’s message with the use of shadow light leaks and time-lapsed shots.

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