Gig Guide

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Local listings

Tonight The Departure, Soundhaus, Northampton, 6, 8pm

Tonight Crowning Glory, Bordel, Attic, Rushden, 4, 8pm

Tomorrow The Hoosiers, Soundhaus, Northampton, 6, 7.30pm

Tomorrow Deadeye, Disarm, Shroud, Attic, Rushden, 4, 8pm

Sunday Oxjam, including The Vogue, Rehab, Untitled, Flawed, the Vistas and Mutabilis, Northampton New Roadmender, 4, 4pm

Monday The Thrills, Soundhaus, Northampton, 14, 7.30pm

Tuesday Mindless Self Indulgence, Northampton New Roadmender, 8.50, 7pm

Wednesday The Thrills, Spark Adia, Soundhaus, Northampton, 14, 7.30pm

Thursday Mr Hudson and the Library, New Roadmender, Northampton, 8.50 7pm

Friday, October 26 Maps, Soundhaus, Northampton, 7, 7.30pm

Sunday October 28 Oxjam, including Olly Dabblers, Bruises, Squids and

Magic School Bus, Northampton New Roadmender, 8, 2pm

Tuesday October 30 Sanctity, Soundhaus, Northampton, 7, 7.30pm

Wednesday October 31 BBC Electric Proms featuring New Cassettes, Northampton Roadmender, free admission, 7pm

Thursday, November 1 Sons and Daughters, Northampton Soundhaus, 8.50, 7.30pm