Fitton way to start 2011

Benjamin Fitton
Benjamin Fitton

COUNTY singer songwriter Benjamin Fitton is preparing for the release of his latest album.

Fitton has been working on a project where he writes and records a song each week for a year and is readying the release of Something For The Year 2.

Ben Fitton

Ben Fitton

He said: “I guess I’d describe the album as bordering on a mix of gentle folk and lo-fi pop in a wash of electrical reverb.

“I’ve done about 30 of the songs so far and am ready to release the second record.”

Something for the Year 2 was started in August last year.

Writing on his website, Fitton said: “Yes, a song a week has all been done before but I’m having such a blast writing and recording at the moment that none of that matters.

“I can say with a hand on my heart that these are the most rewarding sessions I have ever been involved in.

“Although I am no sound engineer, when you capture a song for the first time there is something just so magical about it which I never seem to be able to recreate, no matter how good my performance is.

“This is why I’m choosing not to wait for a big studio to open its doors to a boy and his guitar.

“I’m quite content with my eight-track and a cup of tea.”

Fitton, 28, has released three albums under the moniker of This Unique Museum and a handful of EPs mixing the gentle pace of low-fi indie rock with the ambient sound of shoe gazing dream pop.

The singles are being released via the usual digital outlets and the new album will be available at the end of this month.

It is also available through Fitton’s Bandcamp website.

For more information. visit, and

Fitton is offering the first five people to email him at a free digital copy of his new album.