David is composing a theme of US success

Irthlingborough .musician David Tobin  who is working on music for American TV shows/films
Irthlingborough .musician David Tobin who is working on music for American TV shows/films
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From Irthlingborough to Los Angeles, a county composer has created music for top American television shows.

David Tobin, 43, has written music for two American TV drama series, Castle and Revenge, and the forthcoming Hollywood film The Broken Tower, which is directed by 127 Hours actor James Franco.

The former Ferrers School pupil has always had a talent for music, and he has been composing music since he was just 10 years old.

He started honing his skills as a teenager at music college, before going on to attend a music college in America where he studied film scoring.

Work with heavyweight publishers who sell music to films and television companies then followed, and Mr Tobin has since managed to strike up a successful partnership with co-writer Jeff Meagan, who is based in Chicago.

Mr Tobin’s working routine involves recording from his studio in Irthlingborough while collaborating over the internet with Mr Meagan.

He also has to liaise with clients on the east and west coasts of America and can sometimes be required to record songs in a variety of worldwide locations, including London, Chicago and Boston.

Mr Tobin said: “I have been a musician since I was old enough to walk.

“Writing with a collaborator who is in a completely different time zone can be quite challenging, especially when one of our publishers are in a third time zone, but that all adds to the melting pot of the job – and I’ve grown to love the challenge.”

He recently signed a $55,000 contract to complete a three-album deal with production music firm Audio Network.

And his next projects with Mr Meagan will see the pair writing for a 17-piece big band and a 30-piece string orchestra alongside Emmy award winner and world renowned saxophonist Tim Garland.

Mr Garland said: “David is easily one of the most versatile composer and producers I have ever come across.

“He’s in an elite group of musicians creating productions to international standards.”