Classic Notes, with Anna Brosnan

Anna Brosnan.
Anna Brosnan.

If political correctness exists in the world of music, it probably lies in the realm of comparing difficulty levels of instruments.

Attaining perfection on any musical instrument is never easy, so to say one is more difficult to play than another is definitely not ‘PC.’

However, it is at this moment that I choose to stick my neck out and say I believe the organ must be one of the most difficult instruments to play... simply because of how many ‘musical brains’ an individual must hold in their head simply to keep track of everything that is going on in the hands and feet.

And there will be an opportunity to witness a performance by someone who has perfected this very difficult art, this lunch time (Thursday, 1.10pm) when a recital is given at All Saints Church in Northampton by former Southwell Minster Organ Scholar, Hilary Punnett. Part of a year-long series of monthly recitals, the programme will include a performance of Mendelssohn’s Sonata No 2 in C Minor and Schumann’s Bach Fugue No. 2. Entrance is free.

Moving away from organ music, this Sunday, The Castle in Wellingborough will play host to the talents of Fiori Musicali as the group presents a night of music by Mozart and Rossini in ‘An Evening At The Opera’. The concert will start at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £20 (concessions available). To book, see

Tonight at 7.30pm, Strauss fans will be in for a treat as Milton Keynes Theatre hosts the Milton Keynes City Orchestra in a concert called A Night in Vienna. Tickets cost from £11.90 to £36.90. See