Blazin’ Fiddle act bring Highland sounds alive

Blazin’ Fiddles bring the flavours of the Highlands and Islands to the region this week. The Scottish six-piece act boasts contemporary acclaimed fiddle players Jenna Reid, Bruce MacGregor, Allan Henderson and Iain Macfarlane.

They are joined by Anna Massie on guitar and fiddle and Angus Lyon on keyboard.

Together, they will be showcasing much of the material destined for their forthcoming album, which is due out next year, as well as breathing renewed energy into many of the tunes and stories that have become audience favourites over the band’s 15-year history.

Blazin Fiddles play The Stables in Wavendon on Wednesday, June 28 and Peterborough’s Key Arts Centre tonight. Tickets for the Stables show cost £18 in advance or £16 for tonight’s Peterborough show.

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