Bands unite as Twinfest returns to Northampton stages

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Twinfest returns this weekend with bands from France and Germany heading to Northampton to play the three day festival.

The annual event runs at venues across Northampton from June 14 to June 16.

Each year, acts from Northampton’s twinned towns of Poitiers and Marburg visit. This year, Phonosonic Turtles, Jazzabell and The Vic Suhr Band from Germany will be joined by Johk, Small Towns and Yet from France.

Northampton include 72% Morrissey, Jubilee Courts, Das Pluto Gang, Fallingham Fair, Howlin Hootin Owls, Code 500, Skybeard, Hannah Faulkner, Ash Lane, Seven For A Secret, Jon Martin’s Italian Divorce, Tom Wright Band and Sean Grant.

Gigs are at Northampton Museum, Victoria Inn, Bootleggers, Lamplighter, Wig & Pen, Olde England, Labour Club and Abington Park Bandstand. Visit