Medium Steve shares his ‘gift’ on the stage

Steve Holbrook
Steve Holbrook

One of the country’s top mediums is bringing a night of entertainment to the area.

Steven Holbrook can be seen at The Ritz, Desborough, on Tuesday, July 12.

His ability started from behind the hair salon chair, and he now visits theatres and hotels around the country.

He started work in a salon in Leeds city centre and feels that the years he spent as a hairdreser, having that personal contact with the customers, stimulated this rare, yet natural ability to hear the voices of spirits.

People used to come in and book for their haircut, and often got more than they bargained for when he passed on a message from their loved one.

Steve was always the busiest stylist, and had a six-week waiting list.

He said: “I often wonder if they kept coming back for my ability as a hair stylist, or the possibility that they might receive a message from a relative who had passed away!”

Doors open at 6.45pm for a 7.30pm start.

Tickets costing £17 can be booked by calling 01823 666292, alternatively they cost £18 on the door.