Lydia's journey to Northampton via Neverland

Lydia Lucy
Lydia Lucy

Singer Lydia Lucy is heading back to the Deco this Christmas.

A huge success in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the Northampton theatre two years ago, she is returning by popular demand. And delighted to be able to call somewhere ‘home’ for at least a month!

She won over a legion of new fans with her performances in Beauty in 2015, and will be sure to do so again when she appears as Wendy in this year’s Christmas panto, Peter Pan.

And as she prepares to head up to Northampton from her home in Essex, ahead of the opening night on December 8, Lydia says it will make a nice change to be in one place for a set amount of time, having spent the last two years travelling extensively throughout the UK and abroad, developing her flourishing singing career.

After Beauty and the Beast she then went off to compete in the TV talent show The Voice, then on the BBC before it’s transfer to ITV this year. She made it through to the grand final, finished third, and has barely had a day off since!

“It’s been crazy, but I’ve been having great time,” she told us. “I’ve loved singing to audiences all all over the UK, and I’ve been lucky enough to clock up a few Air Miles too, with invitations to sing in many parts of the world; it’s been crazy!

“So, to be in Northampton for the whole of December is lovely - though that’s not to say I won’t be working just as hard as ever, and I’m so looking forward to being a part of another Panto at The Deco, where I had such a great time two years ago.

“We’ve got another fantastic show lined up, and I’ll be performing with a great group of talented people who I love working with, including Nick (Cochrane), who was such great fun in ‘Beauty’ two years ago, and is a Panto natural,” she said. “There’s never a dull moment when he’s about!

“I’ll be working with Colin (Ridgewell) and Chris (Wills) for the first time, but I’ve seen them in other pantos they’ve been in at The Deco over the past couple of years, so I know how good they are.

“Then there’s the fantastic Clive Fletcher, who provided me with my funniest Panto moment so far: he was playing my father in 'Beauty', and in this particular scene he was dying, and playing the role very well. But something caught my eye, and I just couldn’t stop myself laughing – and the harder I tried to stop, the worse it became.

“The audience realised what was going on, and started laughing with me,” she said. “Typical unpredictable panto, really!

“So anyway, there’s Clive, being ever the professional, and acting out the scene in which his character dies, while me, and by now the audience, are in fits of laughter,” she remembered. “It was very bizarre, but through it all, Clive simply carried on as normal, and was brilliant! And he forgave me!”

Lydia’s had numerous offers to do Panto over the past year, but had no doubt that if she did it again, it would be back at The Deco. “The people of Northampton made me so welcome two years ago, and have been very supportive since. Not only that, but they were great audiences, and created a fantastic atmosphere.

“Not only that, The Deco is one big happy family: everyone works hard - on stage, and behind the scenes; but we have great fun doing it,” she said. “I honestly believe that the audience have even more fun when they see how much the cast are enjoying themselves too!”

Peter Pan is at The Deco Theatre, Abington Square, from December 8 to 30. For tickets,, call the box office on 01604 491005