Louis is forever blowing bubbles


A show to generate plenty of laughter, cheers and squeals of joy and plenty of bubbles with a stage production.

The Amazing Bubble Man is coming to The Castle Theatre in Wellingborough on Saturday October 31 at 4.30pm.

This year, the world’s leading Bubbleologist Louis Pearl presents his unique show that has been thrilling schools and family audiences with the art, magic, science and fun of bubble since 1983.

He explores the breathtaking dynamics of bubbles, combining comedy and artistry with audience participation and enough spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerized.

He said: “A lot of amazing bubbles, fun laughter, beauty, and wonder. I use lots of effect to create the bubbles including lighting, lasers, helium, steam, lots of stage fog, and 30 years of wrangling bubbles into every imaginable shape, from square bubbles to huge bubbles, doughnut bubbles, people in bubbles, volcanoes, tornadoes torcanoes, rocket bubbles, flying saucers, alien creatures and flying foam!”

Tickets are priced from 10. To book call the box office on 01933 270 007 or visit www.thecastle.org.uk.