Kettering's Carpenter previews cinematic track Shelter ahead of new EP release

Charlotte Carpenter
Charlotte Carpenter

Charlotte Carpenter will release her new EP Shelter next month with the singer songwriter already having previewed the string-laden ‘cinematic’ title track online.

The four track EP, which also features Hey Mr Cowboy and the previously digitally released songs Fire and Lately, is available to pre-order on vinyl now.

Speaking about title track, Carpenter said: “Shelter was in the works last year, it’s been quite a lengthy recording process because we wanted it to be as cinematic and as epic as possible.

“Luckily people are getting that when hearing it.

“We wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect because I had such a big vision in my mind.

“It’s probably the best song I've written.

“Shelter is about being in a relationship or scenario with another person and for the first time you're feeling like you're taking on something new.

“Me and my partner got into a conversation about all of our weaknesses, all of our flaws.

“It was a funny conversation to have with somebody and I thought it would make a good song basis.

“It's about being honest with the person you're with. This is me, this is you, but also realising you're with someone that isn't making you feel restricted in any way.

“You've got a relationship with that person but a relationship with yourself as well which you have to maintain.”

Carpenter had previously written the chorus to Shelter at a service station while on tour last year, influenced by trees she saw looming over her on the way in.

The EP’s second track, Hey Mr Cowboy, sees the Kettering based musician step out of her regular comfort zone of writing about her own personal experiences.

“My songs have always been about what is happening in my life,” she explains, “But when this happened, I was so moved and angry I felt I needed to go say something.

“A friend of mine was in a relationship and towards the end she came to realise how much she'd changed as a person.

“They weren’t right for each other and the song is about this guy ruining her.

“It's quite a narrative based story. It's about remembering to look after yourself in a relationship and she lost a bit of herself in that relationship.”

Shelter, which follow’s last year’s How Are We Ever To Know? EP, will be the first record Carpenter has released on vinyl. It was recorded at Dulcitone with Lee Russell, someone she has been working with since her first EP.

She said: “One of the most magical things of working with Lee is that we are effectively a team.

“It’s not just me progressing, it's him as well and there’s a real dual ownership of what we do.”

Fire and Lately, which came out digitally in December, saw Carpenter receive radio airplay and record a session on Virgin Radio.

“Vinyl is something there should be a time and a place for,” she explains.

“I think I've got the fan base that will appreciate it and realise it's not something I'll do again for a couple of years, maybe until a debut album.

“It's also another step on and that's exciting by itself.”

Although the EP isn’t out until October 20, Carpenter explains she’s happy with the reaction the title track has had so far.

“You always hope people think something is the best thing you've done,” she explains.

“From the reaction I’ve had so far, I’ve thought ‘Brilliant, job done’.”

To coincide with the EP release, Carpenter is heading out on UK tour starting in Birmingham on October 23.

Despite the epic nature of Shelter, Carpenter plays as a three piece live and her band has been trialling the track throughout the summer at festivals with her drummer taking on the string section as backing vocals.

Looking to the future, Carpenter hints an album is in the pipeline although admits she still needs to make another jump as a songwriter.

She said: “That first album needs to be perfect. The most incredible statement I want to make at that point in my life.

“I'm not quite there yet. Some people don't have that defining statement until a few albums down the line, I get that as well, but I want it to be everything these past six or seven years have been building up to.”

Shelter is available to pre-order now via