'It brings you back to that time': The Feeling to play debut album in full in Northampton

The Feeling will be playing their debut album Twelve Stops And Home in full when they headline the Roadmender in October.

Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 2:54 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:24 am
The Feeling

Ahead of the show, frontman Dan Gillespie Sells spoke about taking the million-selling 2006 LP on tour across the UK.“When we recorded it we didn’t think it was necessarily going to be a record. We were a bunch of lads working in a shed to create the kind of music we wanted to create because we were doing what musicians do,” he explains.“I don’t think we were the most ambitious people in the world. We were just artistically ambitious, so we didn’t really think about it. We’ve had a career very much based on: ‘Do the work, see what happens’. I think we might have had in the back of our minds dreams of mega stardom, that comes when you’re a young artist. “You have dreams of all sorts of stuff - complete fantasies. It’s not to say you never thought it was going to happen.” To coincide with the tour, the band will be releasing a deluxe 3CD and DVD digibook and a limited edition double yellow vinyl version of the LP.Dan said: “It meant going back through an archive of stuff. That was emotional because it brought back a lot of memories. “Things we’d all forgotten suddenly leap up from an old interview or a picture or an old demo that never even made it as far as the record. “You listen to it and, ‘wow’ it brings you right back to that time.“That pure innocent time pre-fame and pre-success and all of that.”Five of the album’s songs became bona fide hit singles (Sewn, Fill My Little World, Never Be Lonely, Rose and Love It When You Call),Joining Sells in the and is bassist Richard Jones, guitarist Kevin Jeremiah, keyboard player Ciaran Jeremiah and drummer Paul Stewart.Talking about the prospect of playing the album in full, Dan added: “I think because the era of the album has been dead for so long it’s a way for us to re-gain that thing we used to have as artists. When we made 12 Stops From Home it had this story to it. It wasn’t quite a concept album but it had a sense of flow which was really natural to it. Because people don’t listen to music in that way anymore, I can see why it’s becoming a trend for live stuff. “We do care about the sequencing of albums. To be able to play 12 Stops From Home in its original sequence it gives the whole experience something which people don’t get anymore.” Tickets for the Roadmender gig are on sale now viathefeeling.com

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