Ria’s Teashop Secrets: Cake Festival

Will Ginger Baker be making an appearance at Ria's Rosy Lee Tearoom this month?
Will Ginger Baker be making an appearance at Ria's Rosy Lee Tearoom this month?

Ria Chambers from Ria’s Rosy Lee Tearoom in Wellingborough writes for the Telegraph.

June is the month when many of the music festivals start here in Britain.

It’s usually when I can be found at the Isle of Wight festival.

However, that’s now not an option running my own business.

So instead I’m bringing the event to me and have decided this June we are going to have a cake festival here at the tearoom.

A unique event it will be, celebrating all cakes and biscuits we know and love.

On the line-up we have such established acts such as Guns ‘n’ Rose cakes, The Jam, The Scone Roses, and Cream featuring Ginger Baker.

On a serious note (sorry), I am intending to bake cakes which have a musical connection or have been inspired by musicians.

The only trouble with that, I realised, was I didn’t actually know any, So I’ve had my research hat on again.

To begin with I asked on Twitter if anyone knew of any musical cakes.

My lovely followers ‘got in the mood’ and suggested more cake puns – rock cakes, Viennese Opera Whirls, Queen cake, Madame Butterfly cakes, and Cherry Garcia cake from the Grateful Dead!

Funny and workable but nothing with a more than tenuous link.

Further delving revealed a lot of sweets named with a musical connection.

For example, do you remember a Gypsy bar named after the musical based on Gypsy Rose Lee (which would have ties in nicley with Rosy Lee)?

Or did you know the Mozart sweet – a pistachio and almond marzipan ball covered with nougat and chocolate – was actually created by Wolfgang Mozart himself in 1890?

But again this information is interesting but no use to me.

Eventually, though, I did find, thanks to our American cousins, two recipes I can bake which have been created and named after something musical.

First of all I have Hello Dolly bars named after the musical with Barbra Streisand, which can be best described as gooey yet crunchy chocolate and nut bars.

Also, and quite excitingly, a cake created for the King himself – Elvis cake.

This concoction has been inspired by his favourite sandwich fillings – banana, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff – all wrapped up in a sponge cake.

So come down to the tearoom this month to catch your favourite acts surrounded in home comforts – where else would you get such an eclectic line-up?