Recipe of the week: ‘Alligator’ sandwiches

Faye Baxter, with her 'alligator' sandwiches
Faye Baxter, with her 'alligator' sandwiches

Nutritional expert Faye Baxter from Earls Barton, who is the brains behind the Healthy Chefs Cookery School, regularly runs lessons for children between the ages of three and 12.

For this week’s recipe she has come up with a child-friendly, and very healthy, sandwich concoction which might appeal to young eaters.

For a full interview with Faye about the value of teaching little ones how to cook, see this week’s Chronicle & Echo and Northants Telegraph.


(Makes two)

2 slices of wholemeal bread


Grated carrot

Grated cheese

1 cucumber

1 tomato

Salad leaves


Cut the crust off two slices of bread and cut each slice in half. Slightly spread with a little butter or margarine.

Add some grated carrot and grated cheese on half of each slice of bread.

Chop cucumber into thin sticks and make zigzag shapes at one end, like teeth of an alligator, and put on top of the cheese and carrot.

Cover with the other half of each slice of bread.

Add thin sticks of cucumber, with the skin on, to the top of the bread so that it looks like scales. Add two small pieces of red pepper or tomato for the eyes.

Add 4 small chunky pieces (2 each side) for the feet.