New Year cocktail tips from Warner Edwards

Warner Edwards' New Year cocktails with  Champagne and sloe gin
Warner Edwards' New Year cocktails with Champagne and sloe gin

Christmas Day may be over but there will be plenty of people around Northamptonshire already stocking up for New Year’s Eve parties. And one item on the shopping list may well be cocktail ingredients.

This week the Telegraph spoke to Tom Warner of Warner Edwards gin distillery in Harrington about his cocktail tips to help add a touch of flair to New Year tipples.

Tom said: “We haven’t really had any formal training but I have spoken to so many guys who do know their stuff.

“Our gin is sold at Duke’s Bar in London, it is where Ian Fleming had his inspiration for the James Bond martini and they are world-renowned for their martinis.”

The bar uses a technique to “atomise” the vermouth onto a glass and the gin, which has been chilled over ice, is poured straight from a freezer.

Tom’s own martini involves putting ice cubes in a glass and coating the ice with Vermouth, which is then tipped away, leaving the ice in the glass. He adds 50ml of gin and stirs. The drink is then poured into a chilled serving glass and lemon peel is added.

Tom said: “You don’t have to spend lots to make cocktails, most only involve three ingredients. Gin is your base and you can make a sugar syrup which is two parts sugar to one part water.

“Let the sugar dissolve and then you can keep that in the fridge for about a fortnight.

“Take 50ml of gin, 20ml of sugar syrup and 30ml of fruit juice and you have yourself a simple cocktail. Fresh fruit juice should be used when possible.”

General tips from Tom include making sure the drink is properly chilled and that ingredients are added in the right order.

He said: “Chilling is important, even in a gin and tonic. One ice cube and a slice of lemon doesn’t cool anything. Fill the glass with ice, pour the gin over the top of the ice, then put the tonic on top of that.

“Instead of diluting the drink, it just cools everything down. The order is ice, gin and tonic...”



20ml Warner Edwards Harrington sloe gin

Prosecco to fill the glass.

Or for those who don’t have any sloe gin...

French 75


30ml Harrington dry gin

2 tsp fine sugar

15ml lemon juice

Top up with Champagne or Prosecco.