Javajava: Know your coffees

Javajava owner Andrea Peel on the terrace
Javajava owner Andrea Peel on the terrace

Owner of javajava in Kettering Andrea Peel writes for the Northamptonshire Telegraph

I do hope everyone had a happy Easter!

While Jess, Harrison and Wendy held the fort, we went down to the south coast on a rugby tour with KRFC U9s which was great fun (if a little tiring!).

Back to reality on Tuesday when javajava took part in the week-long ‘Eggs-Factor’ competition run by Kettering Council.

This involved us hosting one of a number of Easter eggs decorated by local schools and nurseries and distributed to more than 20 businesses in the town who were interested in taking part in the Easter Egg hunt.

This proved to be very successful and it was lovely to see how excited all the children were when they saw the egg and were able to write its name down on their list.

Lots of people took the opportunity of grabbing some lunch or coffee and cake at the same time before returning to the job of egg hunting!

Carol was working overtime replenishing the cake supply every day! Well done KBC.

The weather continues to play tricks with us but it was so lovely to have the chairs and tables out again on Saturday and, even though it was still a little chilly, we were delighted that so many decided to sit outside. Roll on summer please!

As a coffee shop, one of the compliments we are always delighted to receive is on our coffee.

When we were setting up javajava, we spent many months researching, tasting and deciding on the coffee we wanted to sell and eventually landed upon a supplier in Bradford called Limini which is run by a fantastic guy, Youri Vlag, who is passionate about anything to do with coffee.

Each week we place an order and, within 24 hours, we receive several kilos of freshly roasted coffee beans.

The smell of a newly opened bag of freshly roasted coffee beans is just delicious!

We choose to use a coffee blend developed by Limini for our standard coffee which is a blend of coffees from Brazil, El Salvador and India.

The result is a coffee with lots of body, a little sweetness and not too much acidity – and therefore not the bitter aftertaste one can experience with some coffees.

We also buy green (unroasted) decaffeinated coffee beans which we roast ourselves in our mini-coffee roaster.

This means we can roast small amounts of decaffeinated coffee as and when we need it and it never goes stale.

The shop can sometimes get a little smoky when we are roasting (staff at the museum thought we were on fire one day!) but the smell is wonderful.

Some of our customers get a little baffled by the choice of coffees on offer so below is a very simple summary of the most commonly asked for coffees:

Americano A single shot of espresso with hot water added (the name for this drink originated from an insult to ‘uncouth’ Americans who weren’t up to drinking full espressos!)

Cappuccino Equal parts espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk

Latte Espresso with steamed (not frothed) milk (ratio of 3:1 milk to coffee)

Macchiato Espresso with steamed milk (ratio of 4:1 coffee to milk)

Mocha Espresso with hot chocolate, steamed and frothed milk

Flat White Two shots of espresso with steamed milk and very little foam (hence flat!)

Many people like to ring the changes with the addition of a syrup to their coffee – our standard syrups on offer are caramel, hazlenut and vanilla.

We also use different flavours of syrup to identify with the time of year – eg pumpkin spice at Halloween, egg nog and gingerbread at Christmas, hot cross buns syrup at Easter- the choices are endless and each one makes for a very different coffee experience!

Forthcoming events

On Monday, April 22, we will be starting our java & jabber sessions!

If you enjoy craft and never have the chance, come and join in every Monday from 9.30am to 11.30am.

You can either join in an organised craft led by Sue or Jo of the Tea Party Social for a small cost (between £2 and £6 depending on which craft you choose) or bring your own craft and just join in and make some new friends.

Ten per cent off all coffees and free biscuits!