Farrington’s Food for Thought: Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Tomato and mozzarella with balsamic vinegar dressing
Tomato and mozzarella with balsamic vinegar dressing

The team at Farrington Oils have come up with another tasty treat.

Summer season is here and a great time to try out lots of delicious dressings to go with your salads.

Here is our popular Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Balsamic Vinegar Dressing recipe, using Aspall’s Apple Balsamic and our own home-grown rapeseed oil for a British twist on an Italian classic.

You can find more recipes at www.farrington-oils.co.uk/recipes.


75ml (5tbsp) Mellow Yellow rapeseed oil

45ml (3 tbsp) Aspall’s Apple Balsamic Vinegar

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1 tsp (level) unrefined caster sugar

Pinch garlic granules

Large pinch of fresh or dried basil

Salt and pepper to taste


Simply mix the balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, sugar and garlic granules in a screw-top jar, then put the lid on and shake very well.

Add the oil (put the lid on again!) and shake vigorously until thoroughly blended. Season to taste.

We like to use Aspall’s Apple Balsamic Vinegar for this recipe, but if you were to use conventional balsamic vinegar it would be best to reduce the additional sugar.

You can make plenty as this will keep well in the fridge and is great with salads, smoked fish and cheeses.