Farrington’s Food for Thought

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The team at Farrington’s Mellow Yellow share their favourite recipe ideas with Telegraph readers.

Farrington’s are Britain’s original “seed to bottle” producers of cold pressed rapeseed oil – grown, pressed and bottled in Northamptonshire.

Farrington’s Food for Thought

As the warm weather approaches and we look forward to the wide choice of British vegetables widely available in our shops and gardens, now is the time to prepare simple dishes which bring out their natural crunch and juiciness.

Many vegetables will hit their peak over the coming months, meaning extra flavour and freshness and great value.

By choosing British vegetables, we can support British farmers; whose work supports and protects our beautiful British countryside.

We have many favourite ways to cook with Farrington’s Mellow Yellow, from barbequing to roasting, with many of these available on our recipe page.

The following recipe can be tweaked to make the most of your favourite summer vegetable and is delicious served with couscous.

Roasted Summer Vegetables

Prepare vegetables such as carrots, aubergines, fennel and peppers by cutting into 1 inch chunks of leaving baby vegetables whole.

In an oven-proof dish, season well and drizzle with Mellow Yellow cold pressed rapeseed oil or chilli oil and toss to get a really good coating.

Cook for about 30 minutes on 220°C – until the vegetables are soft and browning.

Sprinkle with your favourite fresh herbs and enjoy!

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