A pub where the food cuts it

Wellingborough, The Cutting Room, ext for dining out.''Tuesday, 29 November 2011
Wellingborough, The Cutting Room, ext for dining out.''Tuesday, 29 November 2011
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If you’re thinking of where to go out for a meal, I accept a place like The Cutting Room is probably not the first to spring to mind. But I’ve always been a believer that pub chains dish up decent quality pub meals without too hefty a price tag.

So when a group of us from the Evening Telegraph met up to bid farewell to a departing reporter, we decided The Cutting Room, the pub created in the former cinema in Park Road, was the perfect venue for a bite to eat before a night out.

When we got to the pub it wasn’t very busy and there were plenty of tables and booths to choose from. We got our drinks and made ourselves comfortable while we had a look at the selection on offer.

The menu was as you’d expect from a pub, and offered a good choice of classic pub grub dishes.

There were steaks, burgers and pub classics like lasagne, curry and chilli con carne, as well as wraps and jacket potatoes.

For the peckish but not starving there was also a range of bar snacks and starters including loaded nachos, sesame chicken bites, potato wedges, garlic bread and garlic breaded mushrooms.

I stand by my comment on good value as the classics selection of the menu included eight dishes which were in a deal where you can get two meals for £6.25, while a classic burger and a drink was just £4.99.

I’ve had some really tasty burgers in the past at The Cutting Room but this time I decided to mix it up a bit and opted for the hand battered fish and chips with mushy peas, £5.99.

My dining companions opted for the gourmet bean burger, £4.25, the British steak and black sheep ale pie, £6.50, a blue cheese burger, £5.49, and an S&J burger – featuring cheese, smoked bacon and BBQ sauce – for £5.49, with onion rings for an extra £1.

The food arrived in good time and we were soon tucking in.

I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed with my dish. The chips were fine, and you can’t go too far wrong heating up mushy peas, but my fish was really quite greasy.

It had been fried to within an inch of its life and rather than being a piece of fish in fluffy batter, as I would have hoped, the batter was the main component of the dish, and the actual fish inside the batter just tasted like oil.

The bean burger got a better review, and the steak and ale pie looked pretty impressive. The burgers also went down a treat, leaving me thinking that perhaps I should have gone down that route after all.

The dessert menu looked quite appealing, consisting of a choice of five miniature puddings – including vanilla ice cream, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate fudge cake – which you could order at a cost of £1.50 for one pudding, £2.50 for two and £3 for three. But we were all full up and decided to forgo having a pudding.

As I said, I’ve had much better meals than this one on previous visits to the Cutting Room, but my fellow diners were all happy with their food, so perhaps it’s just the fish and chips which leave a bit to be desired.

But we all had a good time, the venue and service was good and the food was affordable, setting us up for the night ahead.

For anyone heading into Wellingborough for a night out or a low key bite to eat I’d recommend they give The Cutting Room’s no frills cuisine a try.

By Bernie Goodjohn

The Cutting Room, 7 Park Road, Wellingborough, NN8 4PG

01933 272862