What do your eyebrows say about you?

Eyebrow Treatment: Aura Beauty and Therapy Centre, in Rushden,  owner and beautician Cassie Hillman treats model Sam Hillman
Eyebrow Treatment: Aura Beauty and Therapy Centre, in Rushden, owner and beautician Cassie Hillman treats model Sam Hillman
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Think you can tell where someone’s from by listening to their accent?

Apparently you may be able to spot someone’s regional origin even before they open their mouth, just by casting a glance above their eyes.

According to information released by the department store Debenhams, regional “brow trends” mean that you can pinpoint where a woman is from by the shape of her eyebrows.

But although, according to the study, us Midlands ladies should all be sporting what is commonly called “the happy eyebrow,” we are apparently bucking our regional trend for something decidedly more northern.

Cassie Hillman from Aura Beauty & Therapy Centre in Church Street, Rushden, said: “A lot of people are going for a thicker, darker eyebrow in a darker brown or black, so quite a dramatic look...sometimes called the Scouse brow.

“The other popular one is the arched brow.

“The most popular celebrity looks that people ask for, is saying they want to look like the women off The Only Way Is Essex.

“We have also had quite a few people in asking to look like people from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, or they cut out pictures from magazines.”

There are a range of ways to keep your brows in top condition from threading to waxing and plucking to tinting, or even having them tattooed on, but Cassie says that your natural shape will always dictate to an extent what trends you can follow.

“The shape you can have your brow in does depend on your natural brow, and most people go for something similar to their natural shape and their natural hair colour.

“Except for recently where we are finding more and more people are going for a darker eyebrow,” said Cassie.

“A few years ago, thinner eyebrows were really in, and a lot of people over-plucked.

“Over-plucking can damage the hair follicle and stop the hairs growing back.

“One thing you can do, if they won’t grow back, is to get them tattooed on your face.”

However, Debenhams Northampton store sales manager, Michelle Granger says for them the Midlands stereotype is true. She said: “The most common shape for our customers is the happy eyebrow.

“The Scouse brow definitely comes in at a close second. Both trends are really strong amongst women here at the moment but we wouldn’t raise a brow at any shape we were asked to create.”

Changing the shape of your brow could make more of a dramatic change to your look than you might expect.

“I think the style of your eyebrow really does change your face and defines the eyes, especially if people have really light eyebrows, going that bit darker can really make their eyes stand out,” said Cassie.

“Some looks can change the appearance of the whole face completely.”

The way in which you would opt to achieve your preferred eyebrow style is also optional...

“We do threading, waxing, plucking and tinting,” said Cassie.

“All of these treatments are getting more popular, especially threading, because there are threading bars in most shopping centres now and they give a more defined look.

“Waxing is good for people who have finer hair.

“For those people who have more sensitive skin I would recommend threading, as it doesn’t require any products, but waxing is better for those with fine hair.

“If you start threading or waxing you will get into a routine of having it done. It will grow back between two and four week periods.

“It’s similar with tinting.”

“Women used to pluck, thread and wax their brows within a millimetre of their lives, but it’s now about making a statement,” said Sara Stern, also from Debenhams.

For more information on Aura Beauty visit: www.aurabeautytherapy.co.uk For more on Debenhams visit: www.debenhams.com.


North: (Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds) Scouse Brow, a heavily defined, dark, square and thick pencilled eyebrow.

Midlands (Birmingham and Coventry): Happy brow, borders on an almost half circle shape.

South: London, Essex, Brighton and Portsmouth - South Brow, a thick brow which is not quite as heavy as a Scouse Brow.

Ireland: Tadpole brow, thick and round at the inner corners; it then goes into an immediate thin arch and ends with a very thin brow.

Scotland: Plank brow, the straightest of the eyebrow shapes.

Wales: Soft arched brow, as described, favoured by Catherine Zeta Jones.