Toxic implants patient is demanding answers

Anne Winner from Bozeat whose PIP breast implants have ruptured.
Anne Winner from Bozeat whose PIP breast implants have ruptured.

Concerned Anne Winner questioned top UK health officials after discovering she has the toxic PIP breast implants.

Mrs Winner, 43, of Bozeat, has recently suffered serious health issues including a large blood clot in her leg and shoulder pains.

She believes her ill health could be connected to the breast implants she’s had since 2008.

At the end of last year concern was raised about silicone implants manufactured in France by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), mainly used for private cosmetic enhancements like Mrs Winner’s.

The firm’s products were banned in 2010 when it emerged that industrial grade silicone was being used.

After only realising two weeks ago that she had the recalled implants, Mrs Winner said that like the thousands of other women across the country affected by the scandal, she wanted to know more about the industrial silicone contained in the French-made implants.

She was invited to take part in a recent episode of ITV’s Tonight show dedicated to the matter.

During the filming for the programme she met and questioned the UK’s chief medical officer and public health officer.

She said: “I needed to know more about it. I did the documentary because I wanted to help the thousands of other women to get some answers.”

Stressed about the affects of the dangerous implants, Mrs Winner must now wait until the NHS says she’s healthy enough for her to have another operation.

Her surgeon will consider what action to take in terms of removing her PIP implants only after the NHS has given her the all clear regarding her other illnesses.

But while medical professionals say there’s no concrete proof to link Mrs Winner’s recent illnesses to the PIP implants and she has not yet had a scan, she feels sure that there’s a connection.

She said: “I have been told that it is unlikely my blood clot has been caused by the PIP implants, but they can’t rule it out.

“My view on it is that they have leaked. They have only got one outer shell and they are more prone to leaking.

“There is no doubt in my mind that they are leaking.

“It is really worrying because I don’t know what damage is being done.”