Tip of the week with Beck Photographic

editorial image

Try some aeroplane photography.

You will need to set your camera to manual or use exposure compensation as your camera’s light meter will try to expose for an average grey level and because of the brightness of the sky your image will be underexposed.

Use an average iso (about 400) and set your shutter speed to about 1/250 to 1/500 so that you are able to freeze the aeroplane but still have some movement in the propeller.

Pan your camera with the subject, and when you press the shutter, carry on panning after you have taken the image.

Try to frame the subject so that it has some space to “fly into” in your photograph (in this case, I position the Hurricane slightly to the right in the image)

If you use a long lens (telephoto) set so that the subject appears as close to you as possible, and you get the angle right, it can appear as though the image was taken from an adjacent aeroplane in flight and not from the ground (as in the Hurricane image).

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