Tip of the week with Beck Photographic

Each week we will be bringing you a professional tip of the week from top photography studio Beck Photographic of Wellingborough.

Here’s a good basic tip – when you take a photograph, particularly in low light, make sure you don’t jab at the shutter release.

Instead, gently squeeze the shutter button. This will ensure that you minimise any camera shake, and your images should be sharper.

If the light is really low, try obtaining or making a small bean bag – about 1ft sq should be about right.

You can rest this on many surfaces, and it will conform to the shape of what it is rested on.

Put your camera on the bean bag and nestle it in gently.

You should find that your camera is now quite secure and you are able to take long exposures with no camera shake.

This will be easier to keep with you than a tripod.

Use the camera’s self-timer to eliminate any shake when you press the shutter.

Try this out for yourself and send the results to Beck Photographic. We will print the best on our website.

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