RigiRare proves to be an excellent vintage

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In recent years there has been a storm of increased attention in vintage fashion with girls everywhere trying to emulate the look of stars such as Alexa Chung and Lily Allen.

Mix this with luxury high street and designer brands and you’re starting to wonder where you can find this in Northants?

Fear not, as I introduce to you Wellingborough’s newest boutique, RigiRare.

Gemma Burke and Jodie Sgoluppi opened the Dennington Road shop in October 2012.

At just three months old the brand already has a small but dedicated following, with many repeat customers and more than 500 fans on Facebook.

The concept is simple, so simple in fact you can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of it sooner.

You take your unwanted designer or vintage clothing in, they display them, and when they sell you receive 50 per cent of the profit.

It really is that simple and by the vast array of stock they currently have it could be very easy to stay for some shopping too!

It really is very tempting to shop, especially when both the owners are so passionate about it themselves.

Gemma tells me it is from looking into her overstuffed wardrobe, and the piles of clothes she didn’t wear that the first idea for RigiRare was born.

As I sift through the rails and look at the charmingly dressed tables both women tell me about the most amazing tanned Prada bag they have got it.

It truly is wonderful, with unbelievably soft leather and classic detailing.

The shop continues to be somewhat of an Aladdin’s cave, with Joules wellingtons, Ugg boots and All-Saints knitwear right through to glittering eveningwear and vintage wedding dresses.

Think vintage isn’t for you? I challenge you to go round this shop and not find something you fall in love with.

From the lines of heeled boots placed on top of a shiny wooden piano, to the classic Ted Baker handbag jauntily hung from a 1940s-style bicycle, the shop itself has charm beyond belief.

Just think, here is a vintage and designer haven with all the credentials of a high-end boutique right on your doorstep.

Have you got your coat and shoes on and are halfway out the door yet? If not why not, don’t miss this Northamptonshire gem.

Follow RigiRare on facebook at www.facebook.com/Rigirare.

Or visit them at: 9-11 Dennington Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 2QH.