Plug your car in at new electric charge posts

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The electric revolution has started in Corby following the installation of charging posts for eco-cars.

Five of the posts, which can each charge two cars at the same time, have been installed at the Corby Cube car park, at the town’s train station and at Corby Enterprise Centre.

The installation of the posts, which has been paid for by developer contributions and a Government grant through Plugged in Midlands, is part of the town’s Electric Corby project.

The scheme also aims to increase the use of renewable energy and sustainability in the borough.

Motorists with electric or hybrid cars are now able to plug in their vehicles when they park up.

They will be able to unlock the posts using a credit card-sized card to allow them to plug in to the stations.

The process, which could see approximately 20 charging posts installed in Corby, has been delivered by Cenex, which aims to provide 500 of the posts across the Midlands.

Nick Bolton, who is project manager of Electric Corby, said: “We are confident electric vehicles have a big future, importantly so is the automotive industry and Government.

“There is a lot of investment in the technology, so by embracing this opportunity through Electric Corby we aim to attract some of that investment to Corby, and with it, jobs in the emerging green collar sector and, building on our pedigree, jobs in high performance technology and motor sport.

“We weren’t expecting to have a sudden spill of people – it is driven by the car market as well.

“This year was always going to be the year where we are starting to see more electric cars.

“We want to make sure the infrastructure is in place.”

Corby Council lead member for regeneration Cllr Jimmy Noble, said: “It’s a project we have been working on for some time and it’s nice to see it taking shape and hopefully people will use it.”

Electric hybrid car owner Edd Beesley, of Ringstead who works at RS Components in Corby, said: “I wanted to get a car with low emissions, zero tax and I get 72 miles to the gallon.

“It is a great passion of mine and I have given so many people rides and have had lots of questions asked about it.”