Parking woes may hit dance school

Kettering MaSh dance studio resident parking row: Shelley Davis.'30/01/12
Kettering MaSh dance studio resident parking row: Shelley Davis.'30/01/12

The owners of a dance studio say plans to introduce residents’ parking outside their premises could put them out of business.

The MaSh Dance studio is one of eight businesses in the Grange Road and Field Street area of Kettering which could be affected by Kettering Council’s plan to make the area permit-only.

Most of the pupils who attend classes at the studio travel there by car.

Shelley Davis, who runs the studio with her mum Marye, said: “I can understand it from the residents’ point of view, but they have got alternatives and we haven’t.

“The houses on the right of Grange Road have got their own drives and garages, and on the left there are garages and parking areas. It is also a matter of safety because the street lamps are off.

“It could potentially close us down, because if we can’t park anywhere, where are the pupils going to go?”

Field Street residents say parking is an issue.

Bill Mayes, 73, said: “People who work in the town are using our street as a car park and traffic wardens aren’t stopping those parking illegally.”

John Simcoe, 44, said: “It’s especially bad on Saturday mornings when the shop workers park for free in the morning before work.”

A Kettering Council spokesman said: “There are a limited number of permits available for businesses to purchase, which are for daytime usage. However, there would be no restriction on people being dropped off. Field Street is not far from the town centre and business users could take advantage of that proximity to town centre parking, which is free after 6pm.”