New photography studio opens doors

editorial image

The new photography studio at Nepenthe Studios was formally opened on Thursday, July 12.

The photography studio is situated within the new annex of Nepenthe Recording Studios in King’s Cliffe, which also houses a new music rehearsal room.

The producer, Spike Nepenthe, was on hand throughout the evening to demonstrate use of the studio, with the lighting and backdrops in active use.

Young model Gabriele Naseviciute helped with the demonstration, posing for a series of images which were shown on screen for all the visitors to see, to highlight some of the effects which could be directly produced without the application of computer manipulation.

Gabrielle is one of a select group of models associated with Nepenthe Studios who can provide modelling for amateur or professional photographers, or corporate promotions.

The studio, which can be hired on an hourly or day rate, provides a comfortable and secure environment, including a private dressing room, with a variety of lighting, accessories and other photographic options included.

Visitors to the studio were impressed by the facilities and layout, and were also able to view the audio recording Live Room and the music rehearsal facilities.