High street fashion: Floral v monochrome

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It seems at present that high street fashion is very much divided into two halves.

Sleek edgy monochrome sends our eyes into a dizzying haze in which we are then distracted by floating, girly tea dresses from an era gone by.

With most trends it’s quite easy to find some middle ground not too far out of our usual comfort zones, but here we seem to have to go in whole-hog one way or the other. Be brave, and work that trend.

Starting off with a lighter side the high street is awash with delicate, flowing dresses in anticipation of the summer we’re bound to have (in a month or so!).

The trend has springboarded itself from London Fashion Week and the classic floral pattered, exaggerated silhouette looks of big-shot design house Erdem.

Moving away from the catwalk we can see great examples to be found with a much friendlier price tag.

Both New Look and Primark have some fabulous pieces which can be worn now with tights, boots and a blazer and then right though into those long summer days.

If you happen to be around any vintage or even charity shops this is a look they will more than likely have so it is definitely worth a look.

Not everyone can get away with a full-on girly look without it looking like an ironic statement or children’s dressing up so I would always be inclined to add some sort of edge, may this be with chunky jacket or heavier make-up and jewellery.

Moving away from the girly girls, monochrome is nothing new as we often go for this basic palette as a safe option.

This new season, though, has widened the market. It is no longer simply ‘safe’ as we see large scale colour blocking and sharp clean lines demanding our attention.

H+M, known for its fail-safe basics, has come out on top creating structured dresses, tailored jackets and perfect cigarette trousers which come together to form the staples of our new-season wardrobe.

The beauty of monochrome is that the styles and shapes are familiar but by means of striking patterns and cut out details we are given a more daring edge.

For evening looks stripes are the way to go with Warehouse and River Island currently selling many mini and midi dresses with a vast array of stripes from thick to thin, vertical to horizontal.

This look is not for the faint-hearted but shop around enough and there will be a perfect look for you.

Now if after all that tantalising you would still prefer to sit on the fence, the high street has come up with some great pieces for you too, bridging the gap between these two fashion extremes.

River Island, the high street queen of glam, has taken a walk to the prettier side, embellishing a classic leather biker jacket with cute painted flowers.

Dorothy Perkins has also followed suit taking a very girly fabric and mixing it with structure to create a dress perfect for this season.

You don’t have to restrict this mix to clothing either. There are plenty of accessories which have a sweet prettiness with a slight edge.

Whether your preferred spring look is sharp monochrome fashionista or flirty floral girl, there are plenty of pieces to be found on our great British high street, so grab your handbag, have your credit card handy and go see what you can find!