Ghosts, myths and art

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Artists Peter and Sarah Slight are the proud possessors of a huge collection of books relating to folklore and children’s stories.

And, although they live on the south coast, they were so inspired by Northamptonshire’s myths and legends, they decided that this should be the location for their new exhibition.

Inspired by ghost stories and folklore from around the county, the married couple have taken aspects of different tales and woven them into a new story which they have told through a display of papercut pictures, models and embellished photos at the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery.

Peter explained: “My wife and I actually wrote the story together, we researched all of Northamptonshire’s local myths and legends and took out the elements we wanted to write a new story.

“For example, there were stories of the tunnels running underneath Northampton and we were interested in those. There is also a hollow oak tree, which was in Rockingham Forest. It is said at one time 30 small children could fit into it. We used that element.”

The story which Sarah and Peter have come up with involves a young boy who goes into the forbidden woods and meets a king who is searching for his lost son. Peter said: “We thought it would be really good for people to be able to come in and read a story and I hope people like them, we have been planning the exhibition for quite a long time now.” The Telling Tales exhibition will run until August 5. On August 3, between 1pm and 3pm, Peter will also be running a Woodland Scene workshop where children aged seven and over will be able to make their own stories come to life by creating 3D woodland box pictures.

Admission is free, but 
the workshop costs £3 per child.