From woolly pigeons to knitted wickets, ‘guerrilla knitting’ is on the rise

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Things have started turning very woolly as everyone from school pupils to lone crochet artists have been seizing their needles for a “guerrilla knitting” project.

Pupils at Sir Christopher Hatton School in Wellingborough have been among the many knitters producing creations to go on show in Northampton next month.

Weird and wonderful knitted pieces ranging from woolly pigeons in Northampton to knitted wickets at the Northamptonshire Cricket Ground and tails and ears for street furniture will be randomly appearing in public places to surprise onlookers.

The organisers of the scheme, which is supported by Northamptonshire County Council, are known as Noho’s Secret Knitters and many expert and amateur knitters have been recruited to take on various projects. These include the NoHo Knitters, the Northampton Ravelry Group and Northampton Town Roses WI.

The project has been devised to coincide with artist Shauna Richardson’s Lionheart Project, a London 2012 Cultural Olympiad touring display comprised of three giant, hand-crocheted lions, which will appear in Northampton’s Market Square between July 11– 19.

One of the “secret” knitters, explained: “It is an opportunity to encourage the community to get involved. It is basically knitted or crocheted graffiti. We have lots of pigeons, animals and other things. We have been giving out free crochet yarn and needles and putting some events on to set people off. People make things and bring them back to us. We are going to be cross stitching the new aviary in Northampton and we will be doing something at the cricket ground too.”

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