From jaws to jumps in £64,000 charity drive

RS Components employee Carleigh Wishart takes part in a charity skydive
RS Components employee Carleigh Wishart takes part in a charity skydive

From skydives and ballroom dancing to swimming with sharks and marathon running, staff members at a Corby firm have done it all to raise nearly £64,000 for charity in 2011.

The fundraising exploits of employees at RS Components have seen them raise an impressive £63,613, which is nearly £12,000 up on last year’s total of £51,748.

Cash has been raised for big national causes such as Children in Need and male cancer charitiy fundraiser ‘Movember’, as well as scores of other causes close to employees’ hearts.

RS Components is Corby’s biggest employer and allows its staff to raise money for whatever causes they choose.

The firm’s internal communications advisor Barbara Algeo raises money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and also took part in a Strictly Come Dancing event to raise around £1,200 for Lakelands Hospice.

She said: “It is a phenomenal amount. We started off with Comic Relief at the start of the year, and we did a lot of the Poppy Appeal. Children in Need was a massive one for us too, and we raised more than £9,000. And we raised £1,000 for Movember.

“The employees have their own charities and a lot of them support Lakelands Hospice as well.

“It is a big organisation and employs a lot of people but they all come together under the same umbrella.

“We have raised more money at a time when the economy is very challenging.”

The company has also supported Young Enterprise projects at Lodge Park Technology College, Corby Business Academy and The Kingswood School.

Mrs Algeo said: “It is not just about financial support, it is about people giving their time as well, which is valuable.”

The company also has a new payroll giving scheme, which means employees can donate to any charities they want. Previously this scheme only supported the NSPCC.