Find the perfect prom dress

HIGHAM FERRERS Pics for prom ad feature piece at La Bella Bridal, new shop in higham ferrer
HIGHAM FERRERS Pics for prom ad feature piece at La Bella Bridal, new shop in higham ferrer

For girls about to leave school, their prom night is the most special, exciting event of the lives, which means the dress they choose to wear has got to be perfect.

That’s because there are very few times in the average person’s life when you get to wear a truly gorgeous, jaw-dropping dress, so a prom night is something that should be taken full advantage of.

Sue Homer, owner of La Bella Bridal, which has just opened on the High Street in Higham Ferrers, said: “The styles of prom dresses don’t change that much year on year.

“The types of dresses split into three catagories, there’s the column dress which is slimline and slinky, then there is the A line dress which is semi-structured with two or three net skirts underneath.

The third style is what we call the meringue dress which is a bigger skirt with even more layers of net underneath.

“Dresses come in all sorts of colours and with lots of different kinds of embellishment but obviously, the more bling on it, the more expensive it is, so it depends on the budget.

“Colour-wise, in the past few years girls have gone for pinks and what we call Cadbury’s purples but the one thing about this year is that there has been more introductory colours with more metallics like silvers as well as adult colours such as olive green and black.

“But prom dresses are different to bridesmaid dresses as they have a lot more bling and embellishment on them,

“For many girls, their prom dress is their first major, special dress, so the detail and styles reflect that, you can go all out with it.

“We encourage people to come and look for their prom dress at the earliest opportunity as there will be more choice and it will be easier to find what they are looking for.

“We keep a register with each school so there is no chance of two girls turning up in the same dress, so it’s beneficial to come early.”