Fashion business moves to county

Something Or Nothing owner Mike Curtis
Something Or Nothing owner Mike Curtis

A family business which sells fashion corset tops has moved its business from Luton to Great Doddington.

Something Or Nothing is selling the tops under its new brand The Nicky Love Collection.

People can buy the garments directly from the firm, which also sells the tops wholesale. Managing director Michael Curtis runs the firm with his wife Ruth. The pair have also moved home to Wellingborough.

Mr Curtis said he chose to relocate to the Wellingborough area because it was well-connected, had a central location and was affordable.

He said: “Wellingborough really did seem a good place to be – it gives us access to the Midlands and it’s not too far from London.”

Mr Curtis said the firm’s corsets were tops which were designed as outerwear rather than underwear.

He said the design had been changed to make them easier to wear for a night out.

He said: “Bedroom corsets are not generally designed to be worn for a long period of time. We made changes to the design of the actual corsets to make them more comfortable to wear and to move with the body.”

Mr Curtis said the range of corsets, which features seven designs at present, included designs intended to reflect oriental culture such as Chinese dragons.