Erotic novel sparks fifty shades collection

Fifty Shades of Grey Collection by Dawn Gatehouse for Polly Red image courtesy of Charm Bracelet �17. Mask �150.
Fifty Shades of Grey Collection by Dawn Gatehouse for Polly Red image courtesy of Charm Bracelet �17. Mask �150.

EROTIC novel Fifty Shades of Grey has been on a lot of people’s lips this summer.

E. L. James’s trilogy about the BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) relationship between a college graduate and a business magnate, is now the fastest selling paperback in history.

But not only is it getting tongues wagging, it’s now also getting people’s creative juices flowing.

Towcester jewellery designer Dawn Gatehouse, owner of Polly Red, noting the stir, has launched a dedicated range in tribute to the raunchy bestseller.

“I wasn’t interested in reading the novels to begin with and then I was with some friends who were talking about it and it made curious.

“Then they started making suggestions about me doing a jewellery range based around it,” said the mum of two, who formerly worked in IT before turning her jewellery hobby into a career three years ago.

“Some of their suggestions were a little bit rude...but I have picked up on some of the more tasteful symbols in the book,” said the 38-year-old.

“The charm bracelets have things like a piano, a mask, handcuffs, an ice-cream, the number 50 and I have made a little grey tie out of ribbon.

“When you first look at them it’s not really obvious what they are about. They are quite subtle.

“There is one full charm bracelet and then the others are more simple, with just glass pearls and a couple of charms.

“I have also considered doing cluster earrings and a pendant necklace. I’ll just have to see what the demand for the range is like.”

The charm braclets are priced at £25 and £17, but Dawn has also created a more elaborate piece for the collection.

“I made a beaded mask as a prop for pictures of the bracelets, but then people said that they wanted to buy it,” said Dawn.

“It does take eight hours to make, it’s all made from wire and beads, so I’m only making them to order.

“My passion is really for more theatrical and individual pieces, which is why I like working on wedding pieces. I am currently creating a butterfly piece for a fashion show.”

Polly Red also features a wedding range, and one of Dawn’s wedding headpieces made its way into the July issue of Vogue.

But creating from literature is a first for Dawn.

“I have been running the business for three years and I have never done a literature inspired range before, although since I started this one I have already had a request for a Twilight range,” she said.

“But I have decided I would also like to give people the chance to create their own story.

“I have over 50 charms on my website, so that people can choose their own personal symbols.”

To find out more about Polly Red visit: or\pollyred.

An exhibition of Dawn’s work can be seen in Towcester Library until the end of the month.