Dress Maggie’s way

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We never thought we’d be featuring Margaret Thatcher on our fashion pages, because you wouldn’t automatically think of her as a fashion icon, but yet, here we are.

With the release of the new Meryl Streep film, The Iron Lady, hitting our cinema screens, the UK’s first and only female Prime Minister takes centre stage once again.

As we’ve said, she may not automatically spring to mind as a fashion icon, but Margaret Thatcher did have her own style, she had to have, so she could stand out as a serious candidate among the male-dominated House of Parliament.

She became Prime Minister in 1979, and as we know, 70s fashion has a had a resurgence in recent months as well. It has been more about the bell sleeves, wide leg trousers and bold prints, but Maggie’s 1970s look is much more crisp, sharp and in many ways, prim.

These are all traits that still have a place today, particularly in the working environment, with women often being criticised for wearing inappropriate attire in the work place.

But Maggie’s look is easy to achieve, with straight or pencil skirts, smart blouses and sharp blazers making up the basis of the Thatcher look.

Then it’s about accessorising, with pearl necklaces, court shoes and big, chunky earrings.

So if you want to channel your inner Thatcher in your work place, here’s how to get Maggie’s look with a modern twist.