Book yourself a date with this little gem

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Here is the latest book review from the Evening Telegraph’s Book Club.

We have teamed up with the Bodecia Book Club and will be reviewing a different book each month.

The review is of Girl Meets Boy by Louise Gibney.

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When we were given the book at first glance we thought it is thin and looks easy to read.

Over the last few months we have read great tomes and we thought it was a refreshing change to be given a book that was slightly thin!

This does not say that the book was thin in content – a quick peek and we all had found parts that were amusing and made this book a little gem.

We couldn’t wait to get stuck in and soon we had entered the world of dating – something that most of us hadn’t done for a very long time!

Louise Gibney spent three and a half years on dates which make up the book, which she decided to write when after the second or third dating horror story a friend said “there’s a book in your perils!”.

We felt that the book had structure, although it does go back and forth through time. Louise said that she had first written it in a chronological order of dates but after listing them all out (must have given her a shock!) she felt that it was not an interesting read, just a list and it read like a diary.

She decided to form chapters and have the dates under genres of dates – films and music, men in uniform, intelligence and others.

The book reads like a handbook for internet dating and the rules to follow, ie meet in a crowded place, don’t give the date your mobile phone number on the first date and always have a back up plan – a safety phone call, someone who can ring to get you out of the date with an excuse!

Who would you have as a backup and what would your excuse be? The Bodecia Book Club girls are wicked and said if they got a safety call they would deny all knowledge of being a back-up leaving the poor date to continue. I am glad I am married!

The book has dates that everyone can relate to from a blind date bringing his mum and sister to a date where Louise is showered with expensive gifts and then dumped.

As Louise says, all men have a thing that they cannot let go of – whether that is gaming, re-enacting or any other weird and fanciful hobby. It is a boy thing that we will never ever be able to rid them of.

There are some really great dates that will make you wince and try not to say “I’ve done that”. We all wanted the dates to succeed and for Louise to be able to find true love.

We have started to compile a list of people who would play characters in the films of the books. A lot of the books we have read over the years are now being made into films and we can see if any of our suggestions come true. We thought a cross between Anna Friel and Isla Fisher would be good to play Louise.

Do we tell you how the book ends? Does Louise find true love with a Gerard Butler lookalike from the internet? No, we’re not going to tell you, go read the book to find out.

The book club is now reading Spider Bones by Kathy Reichs