Bodecia Book Club review: Mad About The Boy

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy
Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy

Bodecia Book Club members review Mad About The Boy by Helen Fielding.

How we love Bridget!

And like a lot of 40-something ladies out there we were in shock when Helen Fielding’s new Bridget book came out – not only has she aged our Bridget but had also killed off Mark Darcy.

Shock, horror, how could you not read the book without thinking about Colin Firth as the romantic, self rights lawyer.

Bridget Jones’s Diary made its debut way back in 1996.

Its author Helen Fielding and her potty-mouthed, diary-keeping, calorie-counting heroine practically invented chick lit.

Thirty-something Bridget became the poster girl for a generation, popularising terms such as smug marrieds, singletons and emotional f***wits.

However, as you start to read the new instalment you can understand why Fielding chose to bump off Darcy. 

It gave Bridget the clean slate to have a go at dating again, to visit a world where you are 50-plus and you have to deal with the pros and cons of having a toy boy of 30 at that age.

It also sees Bridget negotiating a new phase in her life, including the challenges of maintaining sex appeal as the years roll by, and the nightmares of drunken texting, skinny jeans, total lack of Twitter followers and televisions that need 90 buttons and three remotes to simply be switched on.

Her mother has also moved into a care home near Kettering – I never knew Bridget was from Northants!

And a bit of Bridget wisdom – Once a man has dumped you, taking him back is a sign of low self-esteem and desperation and he will do NOTHING but f*&k you around.

As Oscar Wilde says, 35 is the perfect age for a woman, so much so that many women have decided to adopt it for the rest of their lives.

Bridget also tackles the new tribulations of the world of social media. 

The publisher says the new book gives a voice to the more mature social media-obsessed concerns of the women who grew up with Bridget.  

Would a Bridget Jones film be the same without Colin Firth?

Movie producers seem to think so.  

According to The Hollywood Reporter film rights to the novel have not been snapped up.  

However, the production companies are instead working on Bridget Jones’s Baby, a film based on an original screenplay by Fielding, which will include Colin Firth.  

Yes, we hear you all shout, that makes all us 40-something women happy.  

Although filming for this was supposed to start in 2012 and that has been delayed. Booo!

Is it that they were waiting for the new book to come out?  

Either way we will definitely let you know when we hear more news about our Bridget!

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