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Bodecia Book CLub reviews Dan Brown's new book, Inferno
Bodecia Book CLub reviews Dan Brown's new book, Inferno

Inferno by Dan Brown

A new Dan Brown novel hit the shelves recently.

So of course, it had to be read ASAP!

As usual our hero, Robert Langdon, is in for a rough time solving a mystery.

The protagonist this time is slightly unusual in that he dies in the prologue – but the problem he leaves behind is both chilling and thought-provoking.

Langdon wakes up in a hospital in Florence – but doesn’t know how he got there.

From then on, it’s a race against time to solve the mystery.

He is both helped and hindered by two women and a clandestine organisation.

Some chapters read like guide books for the art industry in Florence – but don’t let that put you off.

It’s a cracking good read, full of twists and turns, including one even I, with all my years of cracking crime books, never saw coming!

Some people would say that Dan Brown writes in an almost formulaic manner – mystery, hero, beautiful woman, chase through Italy (why is it always Italy?) but that’s fine by me.

In my humble opinion, this is the best Robert Langdon story yet – and somehow, a more believable storyline than previous books.

This is a book that will make you think about things in a different way – I found it very thought provoking.


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