Review: Dinosaur World Live at The Core at Corby Cube

Put simply, if your kids like dinosaurs then they will love Dinosaur World Live, an interactive family show currently touring the UK.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 2:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 3:54 pm
Dinosaur World

I managed to secure the last few remaining seats at The Core at Corby Cube and took along my aspiring palaeontologists aged three and five.

The set up is a straight forward one, as enthusiastic explorer Miranda introduces the audience to her pre-historic world of carnivores and herbivores, via a fast and loose back story.

The atmospheric stage is set up with misty smoke, green and blue lighting and large crates littered across the landscape warning 'Beware'.

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Miranda gives a quick introduction to set the scene, outline the rules (dinosaurs love having their photo taken with a flashing smart phone apparently) and awkwardly plug the hashtag #dinoworldlive.

What follows is a delicious dinosaur romp as the audience is introduced to Juliet the segnosaurus, Orlando the microrapter, Brutus the triceratops, Titus the tyrannosauras rex and Gertrude the giraffatitan.

The anticipation builds nicely between each creature feature and there is constant interaction with the audience allowing little ones to scream, shout and roar to their heart's content.

The lucky few plucked from the front rows are involved in feeding, taming and tickling the dinosaurs on stage, some more boldly than others.

The dinosaurs themselves are hugely impressive puppets with a small team of visible puppeteers controlling their movements and sounds. Even though you can see the legs of humans inside and the 'handlers' on the outside, the scale and beauty of the dinos makes it easy to suspense your disbelief.

The skin of the giant triceratops shimmers in the light whilst the enormous t-rex elicits genuine screams from the young audience members.

The 50 minute show is followed by an opportunity to meet and greet some of the smaller dinosaurs and take part in Jurassic craft activities.

A delight from start to finish, my only grumble is that two out of the three performances were held during school hours making it impossible for their prime audience to see the show.

Dinosaur World Live is now touring the UK and full dates can be found at